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Danny Bero – Employee Spotlight

Meet Danny Bero – Data Sciences Manager

How long have you worked for Colony Brands? 3 years

What positions have you held throughout your career at Colony Brands? Data Analyst, Merchandising and Data Consultant, Merchandising

What is the best part of your jobVariety. I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that are very different from each other which keep me challenged and engaged.

What inspires you? Work-life: People who innovate. Home-life: People who have the most fun.

Are you married? Have a significant other? I’ve been dating Laura for 2 years. We met at a wedding we were asked to sing in. At the wedding, the photographer asked us how long we’d been dating for. I turned red and Laura said, “give it a minute, we’ll be dating soon.”

Kids? Grandkids? Nope.

Where did you go to school? Appleton North High School, UW-La Crosse, and Iowa State University.

Where do you currently live? Madison, WI.

Dare to tell us how old you are? 27

What do you like to do with your free time? Be active; golf, bike, run. Hang out at the Madison bars. Cook. Play board games.

Favorite TV show: All-time: Game of Thrones. Current: Ozark is pretty good.

Last book you read: Different Seasons, Stephen King

 What piece of technology could you not live without? A car. Laura and I do a lot of traveling throughout Wisconsin/Minnesota to visit friends and family.

What advice would you give your younger self? It’s cool to be passionate about school/work/etc. It’s not cool to be “too cool.”

Favorite social media: I suppose I use Facebook the most.

What is your dream vacation? I’d like to go to New Zealand where I could snowboard, surf, and golf all in one day.

What drew you to Colony Brands originally? And how has Colony Brands changed since? The people. I don’t know if the folks I interviewed with knew it, but they did a really good job of “selling” the Colony Brands culture, without explicitly selling it. Since I started, I’m noticing more and more excitement about data/analytics.

Do you have an office nickname? What is it? Not that I know of. This might be a better question to ask the other folks on our team.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? Easy answer. An astronaut going to space for the day.

What are your three most overused words/phrases? “Cool” and “awesome” are words I say too much. Fun fact, I used “cool” 7 times in this Q&A. “Actually” is another word that I’m trying to use less. For example, it doesn’t feel good when you tell your friends, “That was *actually a fun time.” I’m trying to cut it out.

What is on your bucket list? A hole in one. Raising a kid. Both are about equal 😉