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Your safety at work is top priority to you and to us.

Our safety programs exemplify our core values and are built on a foundation of support from all levels of our enterprise.

Working safely is an expectation for all employees and visitors at our facilities. Here are just a few ways safety is integrated into our day-to-day lives:

  • OSHA Compliance Programs
  • Employee Involvement
  • Safety Committees
  • Employee Training & Accountability in:
    • Hazard Identification & Resolution
    • Accident Investigation
    • Safety Audits
    • Violence Prevention in the Workplace
    • Safety & Equipment Orientations
    • Regular Refresher Courses for Compliance Standards

Celebrating Success

Colony Brands, Inc. has been honored with achieving the Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award for excellence in health and safety nine times since 2004 in the large employer category.

A solid safety program is a must for Wisconsin businesses to stay competitive. Colony Brands makes safety a top priority and sets the standards for best industry practices. Its innovative safety program is a model for the rest of the state and nation.

Bryan Roessler, Director – Wisconsin Council of Safety