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Building Community

It’s not just an initiative, it’s built into our purpose and culture to Empower People To Enrich Lives.


It’s not just an initiative, it’s built into our purpose and culture to Empower People To Enrich Lives. It’s the result of everyday actions and individual commitments to collaboration and improvement, respect for different perspectives, genuine friendliness, and passionately valuing our commitment to our colleagues, customers, communities, and one another.  We’re committed to continually cultivating an inclusive work environment that empowers all of us to connect, to grow, to belong.


Each year, Colony Brands, Inc., its affiliates, the Colony Brands Foundation and the R. Kubly Family Foundation partner with over 350 different organizations to help build our communities through monetary donations and growth challenges. We are proud to fly our banner alongside these many worthy causes – from the arts to education, youth activities, and community needs.

Associate Donation Program

The Colony Brands Associate Donation Program gives employees the opportunity to support charitable organizations that are meaningful to them and their families. The program, which surpassed $1.5 million in corporate giving in 2020, gets right to the heart of one of our long-standing core values – to generously support our employees and communities. Employees are granted a dollar amount for each year of their service which they can designate to non-profit organizations in the communities that Colony Brands calls home. The longer the employee’s tenure with Colony Brands, the more support they can direct to these groups that keep our communities vibrant and resourceful!  This unique program, which began in 2011, is a terrific example of the Colony Brands culture and purpose that brings us all together to “empower people to enrich lives.”

Going Green

Everyday efforts fuel our sustainability goals at Colony Brands. We are pros at repurposing!

Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of product are donated to community organizations to help them raise funds to fulfill their missions. In addition, we offer items to our team members at deep discounts. Our excess is another’s abundance!

Our supply chain also partners with sustainability organizations in order to reduce waste and create efficiencies wherever possible.

First and foremost, words without actions mean nothing. At Colony Brands, while words do matter, our actions will be the standard by which we measure ourselves. To that end, our commitment remains twofold. First, to be a workplace that is diverse, open, and inclusive to all, every day, and in every way. And second, as leaders in our communities, to meet the challenge and the responsibility to make our corner of the world better.

We know we have work to do to reach this vision, but we are resolved to continue this journey and to be better tomorrow than we are today. Ourselves, our families, our communities, our company, our teams, our careers; all are affected by our actions each and every day, for better or worse, and we all depend on the sum of our combined choices. Our purpose as a company is to ’empower people to enrich lives’, and we intend to do just that.