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Improve, Innovate & Create

Family owned since 1926, we are comprised of 10 multi-channel retail brands, several operational support companies and a multi-faceted portfolio of client business solutions.

Building an Enterprise

About Us

Our enterprise includes a diverse portfolio of affiliates and brand product offerings, while maintaining our roots as a privately held company based in Monroe, WI.

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Headquartered in Monroe, WI, Colony Brands is primarily located across the midwest. Check here to view the many locations which make up our growing enterprise.

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Brands & Affiliates


Discover the uniqueness and character that make up our subsidiaries’ individual brands.

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Together, we all contribute to the success of our empowerment enterprise.

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Keys to Empowerment

We call ourselves an empowerment enterprise because it sums up our visions, our mission, our values, our principles and our purpose in two powerful words.

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Our safety programs exemplify our core values and are built on a foundation of support from all levels of our enterprise

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