Swiss Colony

I enjoy my experience with Swiss Colony- Great People to deal with. Always pleasant, witty, and down to earth, not to mention professional. -ROBERT B.

Tender Filet

I’m so happy ordering from Tender Filet & letting my family & friends to order from Tender Filet too. Thank you again Tender Filet! -NICKI L.

Montgomery Wards

I love shopping with Montgomery Ward!! Your products are wonderful, your employees are very friendly and courteous. -SANDEE K.


I Absolutely Loved my Shopping experience with Ginny’s and was Very very Satisfied! -SHIRLEY W.


Thanks for keeping your styles and designs elegant, chic, trendy, fresh and up to date. The sizing availability presented by Ashro is on point. -ROBIN B.

Wisconsin Cheeseman

Wisconsin Cheeseman is awesome! I will be a lifetime customer!!! Great products and fantastic customer service!!! -ELAINE B.

Country Door

I adore Country Door and love your catalog! The items you sell are beautiful and well worth the price. -DONNA B.

Monroe and Main

Monroe and Main is my favorite place to shop especially for gifts for my daughters and granddaughters. -MELE F.

Midnight Velvet

I love ordering from Midnight Velvet. Durable clothes. Attractive clothes. Clothes compliment the body. -JAMES M.

Seventh Avenue

Thank you Seventh Avenue for ur website & credit plan. And thank you all who help take my orders & prepare them & ship them to me. You all do a Fantastic job. I’m a very happy customer. -RAMONA L.


We all have life events that come along and to be able to order an outfit on a credit plan is phenomenal. This affords everyone the opportunity to dress wonderfully as they participate in their life event. – ROBIN B.

With the recent moving experiences I was a little short of money at this time and the ability to charge my purchase is a God Send for me. – GENEVA H.