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Keys to Empowerment

 We call ourselves an empowerment enterprise because it sums up our vision, values and purpose in two powerful words. Our company was built by great people with strong values. Our intelligent, highly-skilled and motivated workforce will continue to write the future chapters of the success of our enterprise by leveraging our keys to empowerment.

Colony brands is an empowerment enterprise.

Our Purpose

We empower people to enrich lives.
Customer ↔ Employee ↔ Community

Our Values

  • Generously support our employees & communities
  • Tirelessly strive to improve, innovate, create
  • Relentlessly pursue excellence
  • Passionately value our customers

Our Vision

Forever entrepreneurial & opportunistic, we will leverage world-class analytics & financing options to be the best customer-centric, omni-channel source for great products and services