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Colony Brands’ Monroe Location – First Onsite Blood Drive

One of our Core Values is to generously support our employees & communities. So, in August employees & spouses supported this core value by rolling up their sleeves to help save lives! The Company partnered with the American Red Cross and hosted the first onsite blood drive in Monroe, WI.

Initially, the Benefits Department sent out an interest survey to determine if we would have enough interest among employees to host a blood drive onsite. The interest survey generated a fantastic response, as we had over 140 employees and spouses express interest in participating in a drive. Based on the interest survey, an onsite blood drive was scheduled in partnership with the American Red Cross on August 15th. Utilizing an online platform and phone lines, 116 potential donors registered to participate in the blood drive! Such a fantastic response is truly a testament that our company is filled with great, compassionate people with strong values.

In general, the blood drive ran very smoothly and based on feedback donors had a very positive experience. There were over 60 donors who were considered “new”, meaning they have either never donated or have not donated in the past 5 years. It’s truly astonishing to see so many employees step up and donate for their first time, or continue their tradition of donating. The results for the blood drive are as follows:

111 Presenting Donors

105 Total Units Collected

83 Whole Blood Donations

11 (for 22 units) Power Red Donations

15 Deferrals

Overall, the blood drive collected a total of 105 units (the equivalent of approximately 105 pints) of blood. Each pint of blood collected can help save up to three lives, so that’s up to 315 lives that could potentially be saved. In fact, every two seconds someone in American needs blood, from trauma victims to cancer patients, mothers giving birth to premature babies and so many more. Odds have it that someone you know will need blood during your lifetime.

A big thank you goes out to the American Red Cross, our employee volunteers, and the donors, who all worked together to help to make this a very successful first drive. Due to such a successful first drive and based on employee feedback, we will be hosting another onsite blood drive in Monroe! Our next drive will be taking place in January, which is also National Blood Donor Month. We look forward to continuing to make an impact and saving lives!