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Colony Brands partners with Monroe School District for LAUNCH Business Analytics Program

Colony Brands employees partnered with the Monroe High School LAUNCH Program as project mentors in the program’s Business Analytics pathway.  The LAUNCH Program is new this year in Monroe, after the idea was brought forth by Colony Brands Foundation President John Baumann.  

John and Kim Markham, Community Relations Manager, worked with the school district to build the program, which also included a Digital Media Solutions pathway.

Mentors each worked with a group of students on project ideas relating to Philanthropy Data Analysis, Item Shipping Efficiencies, and Campaigns by Age.  The three met with the students once a week to develop the skillsets needed to build and compile data in order to conduct the project analysis.  This included data visualization while working in SQL Workbench, Excel, and Power BI, and also using the Internet, social media, and other tools to perform outside market research on other brands and industry competitors.