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Colony Brands Associate Donation Program Reaches $1 Million in Donations

The Colony Brands Associate Donation Program was started seven years ago as a way to involve Colony Brands team members in giving back to our local communities, a long-time core value at the company.

This year, the program reached a milestone with over $1 million given over the last seven years, including over $152,000 corporate-wide this year alone.  The program is funded above and beyond other corporate giving.

John Baumann, Colony Brands President and CEO, said that this program is very well-received among employees.  “This is a chance for our employees to support organizations that are meaningful to them and their families.  It’s a direct result of their hard work that has helped to keep Colony Brands on a successful growth path.”

After one year of service with the company, employees are granted a dollar amount for each year of their service and given several local non-profit organizations to choose from to donate their share to.

In 2017, 20 organizations in the Monroe and Green County area received donations from the program.  In addition, over 50 other organizations that serve other Colony Brands facility locations will benefit from the Associate Donation Program.