Tactics for Effective Meetings

Tactics for Effective Meetings

Have you ever organized a meeting and were unhappy with the end result? Have you sat through a meeting that could have been an email or was long in duration while few decisions were made? Meetings are a standard way to get things done at Colony Brands. However, it’s important to use our valuable face-to-face time effectively, as we all want to feel that the meeting was time well spent.  These tactics should help.

-Mya Anderson

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Mya Anderson is a Senior Project Manager with SCDC. She has worked at Colony Brands since 2006 on a range of projects in Credit, New Client Integration, Information Technology, Ecommerce, and Marketing. Mya is a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), and a member of the PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin chapter.

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