“STUFF THE VAN” back-to-school donation drive

“STUFF THE VAN” back-to-school donation drive

Monroe booster groups had an overwhelming response to our recent “STUFF THE VAN” back-to-school donation drive. This idea was initiated by Apparel Specifications Assistant, Megan Koning.

“I thought this would be a good thing for our community. Many parents are unable to afford school supplies for their children. I love it when our booster groups all come together. I think people like to help out each other in times of need, but sometimes they just don’t know how to help. This was a perfect opportunity.” – Megan Koning

The drive ran 8/19-8/22 and donations were collected on Friday, 8/23 via SCDC messenger van.  Members of the donating Monroe booster groups helped the Community Relations department “STUFF THE VAN” with the collected supplies. Boxes filled with school supplies, outdoor play equipment, and classroom supplies were then delivered to local area elementary schools that afternoon.

Thank you to Megan for the idea and to all who participated!

-Kali Drane 

Corporate Communications Specialist

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