Online Security During Peak Season

Online Security During Peak Season

It’s that time of year again – we are moving into our 4th quarter and you know what that means? Fruitcake, Butter Toffee and increased cybercriminal attacks!  Data breach statistics tell us that roughly 6.85 million accounts get hacked each day (that’s nearly 158 compromised accounts every second), and we don’t talk about this nearly enough.

Not-So-Fun Fact: Many security experts see cybercrime among the top three threats to global security in the next five years, the two others being natural disasters and extreme weather.

With that, cybersecurity is an important topic to get updated on frequently, especially before Colony Brands’ busiest time of the year – 4th quarter! This season (and beyond) we are here to help you learn more about safeguarding our customers’ and our company’s data.

Here’s a glimpse of the topics that are covered in this article:

  • The telltale signs of a phishing email and how to react
  • Avoiding sketchy websites, popups and ads
  • Vishing – what it is and how to respond
  • The elements of a strong password
  • Utilizing multi-factor authentication (where possible) and a password manager
  • Treating all insertable media like a toothbrush…to an extent (Read more here)
  • Installing antivirus wherever possible on personal devices (corporate devices should already have AV installed)
  • Update! Update! Update! (keep current on all patching)
  • We’ve also included several links with supporting information…

Hackers will relentlessly try to steal confidential information by utilizing social engineering techniques via many different routes, most notably: phishing and vishing. Typically, once a target (that’s you and me) takes the malicious actor’s bait, malware is instantaneously executed. Additionally, any sensitive data that you may have typed out on that device is potentially compromised (passwords, credit card numbers, SSN, etc.). A compromised user or system within Colony Brands could lead to confidential items like proprietary information, customer credit card numbers, employee SSNs, vendor information (and so much more) being leaked into the wrong hands. Obviously, that’s something we don’t want!

That’s precisely why Colony Brands promotes strong password security, advocates for cautious web browsing, encourages top-notch device security (including the media that you plug in to your devices) and needs YOUR help in reporting phishing emails and suspicious websites. By following the practices laid out in the links and bullet points above, not only are you benefiting yourself, but you are also aiding in the success of Colony Brands, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, protecting friends and family accounts from forwarded scams, safeguarding your own devices, and keeping your hard-earned money from hackers.

More information on these threats and how to handle them can be found on the Security page of the Colony Brands intranet (fourth menu option from the bottom). If you need help confirming the legitimacy of an email or believe you have fallen victim to a phishing attack, please contact the IT Security department immediately.

And just for a little IT Security humor (please don’t be like these guys):



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