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Investing in Future Leaders

Investing in Future Leaders

At Colony Brands, we believe that education is critical to our communities and our future workforce.  That’s why investing in future leaders and giving students the chance to step outside of the classroom and take advantage of opportunities to enrich their curriculum with real-world experience is always on our “to do” list!


Today is National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (commonly referred to as Parent Child Day at Colony Brands) and we invite you to learn more about the student programs we offer such as Career Exploration, Co-op positions, Internships, our Career Expo and more.  Take a few minutes today to engage in some virtual career exploration with your children.  Who knows…sitting right next to you may be a future Colony Brands graphic designer, data scientist, baker, logistics planner, supply chain specialist, customer service agent, quality assurance technician, forklift operator, sourcing manager, human resources recruiter, social media specialist, brand marketing manager, merchandiser, accountant….the list goes on!


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