Family News 4/15/19

Family News 4/15/19

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Greg and Taylor, Sons adopted by Elliott (Hannibal Contact Center) and Kathy Butler

Ember Lee, Daughter to Sidina (Global Logistics) and Cody Schee

Henry Hunter, Son to Leslie (Home Order Taking) and John Arnett

Liam Jay, Son to Hannah (Sourcing) and Aaron (Monroe Fulfillment) Lehman

Tobias Agbovi, Son to Danielle Steines, (Dickeyville Contact Center)

Ashton Kaine, Son to Megan Garrett (Hannibal Contact Center) & Kaine Sheild

Brody, Son to Tiffany Beck (Hannibal Contact Center) & Grant Woolfolk

Ariella Alicia, Daughter to McKinzie Houselog (Dickeyville Contact Center)

Kinsley, Daughter to Kelli Burke (Peosta Fulfillment) and Scott Burke

Kailey Jane, Daughter to Kyle (Peosta Fulfillment) & Andrea Hargrafen

Luka Miles, Son to Tanya & Michael Summerfeldt (SC Aviation)

Samuel Aron, Son to Jacob (Hannibal Contact Center) & Kayla Jones

Winry Noel, Granddaughter to Kym Rowe(SC Global Sourcing)

John Everett, Grandson to Judy Fowler(Accounting)

Westin Groves, Grandson to Randy Ross(Monroe IMS)


Jessica Metras (Non-Food Inventory/Production Management) to Brian Hulsebus

Rebecca Nickel (Home Order Taking) to Keith Nejedlo

Joey Vanatre, Son of Mo Stites(Creative Marketing Services) & Grandson of Noel Ditzenberger (Monroe Fulfillment) to Jordyn Steinmann


Brian King, Father to Jacob King (Employee Experience)

Trudy Schwager (Former employee) Mother to Gary Schwager(Retiree – Executive Staff) Wife to Kurt Schwager (Deceased, Executive Staff) Daughter-in-law to Karl Schwager (Deceased -Executive Staff)

Robert Strohl, Father to Karen Reiman (SC Aviation)

Therman Gosa Jr., Stepfather to Kerri Van Kampen (Clinton DM Services)

Edith Coulthard, Mother to Heather Holst (Home Order Taking)

Mary Ann Brown, Mother to Joshua Brown (Home Order Taking)

John Boer, Father to Karen Boer (Home Order Taking)

Louise Christensen (Retiree – Monroe Fulfillment)

Mervin Spease, Father to Tina Kobbervig (Accounting)

Dallas Kutsch, infant Son to Brittany McCauley & Nathan Kutsch (both of Peosta Fulfillment)

Joseph J Hunter Sr. Father to Joe Hunter (Executive Staff)

Letha Whipple (Retiree – Cheese Operations)

Charles Heins, Husband to Laurie Heins (Janitorial)

Kurt Fritsch, Son to Glenda Fritsch (Retiree – Monroe Contact Center)

Inez Townsend, Mother to Marcia Townsend (Home Order Taking)

Melissa Jordan (Employee – Clinton DM Services)

Paul Harris, Husband to Cynthia Harris (Home Order Taking)

Jane Lorenson, Mother to Sarah Clark (Home Order Taking)

Edward John Kennedy, Stepson to Roberta Turner (Dickeyville Contact Center)

Thomas J. Joiner, Father to Tim Morris (SC Aviation)

Wayne Quick, Father to Dawn White (Clinton DM Services)

Phillip Binkley, Father to Stephanie Scott (Hannibal Contact Center)

Michael Cain, Husband to Susan Cain (Home Order Taking)

Denise Phillips (Employee – Hannibal Contact Center)

Duane Meier, Husband to Cammy Meier (Bakery)

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