Family News (September)

Family News (September)


Simon Piper, Son to Robert Brown (SC Aviation) and Sara Ann LaValley

Jordyn Rose, Daughter to Heather (Monroe Contact Center) and Ben Kieler

Lane Williams, Son to Stephanie (Human Resources) and Kurtis Mansfield

Kha’ Mille Renee Taylor, Daughter to Latoya Taylor (Home Agent)



Ermil Bailey, Father to Julie Byers (Home Agent)

Ryan Goeke, Employee (IMS)

Jerome Wild, Husband to Tracy Wild (Home Agent)

Betty Baumann, Wife to Walt Baumann, retiree (Monroe Fulfillment)

Robert Curran, Father to Mark Curran, (Bakery)

Delton Davis, Step-Father to Deb Davis (Brand Management)

George Jaskola, Father to Jessica Jaskola (Clinton DM Services)

Patricia Belkin, retiree (Dickeyville Contact Center)

Leo Kringle, Father to Mike Kringle (Peosta Fulfillment)

Lois Hillary, retiree (Cheese Ops)

Dr. William Kileen, Father to Theresa Todtz (Clinton Fulfillment)

Dennis McAfee, Husband to Deborah McAfee (Hannibal Contact Center)

Gwen Pearson, Mother to Candy Pearson (IT Operations)

Tom Cosgray, Father to Dwayne Cosgray (SC Aviation)

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