Employee Spotlight: Tom Newell

Employee Spotlight: Tom Newell

Tom Newell is the newest member of our Colony Brands executive team, succeeding Bob Erb as Chief Financial Officer.

When asked what appealed to him about joining our team, Tom shared that it was the forward-thinking, growth-oriented culture at Colony Brands.  He also appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit that is encouraged all throughout the company, combined with a “Midwestern charm”.   Tom grew up in Illinois and attended Northern Illinois University where he graduated with an Accounting degree, later earning an Executive MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University.  After college, Tom interned at Walt Disney World where he was Captain of the Jungle Cruise attraction!   Prior to joining Colony Brands, Tom was the CFO at Bentley’s Pet Stuff.

Tom has kept busy during quarantine by spending time with his family watching some new Netflix series and playing board games, as well as focusing on his mental and physical health. He shared that he is goal-oriented and very determined, which led him to start competing in running races a few years ago. His goal turned into a passion and now just 2 years later, he has completed 7 half-marathons, 1 full Chicago marathon, and countless 10K races.  Tom shared that he very much believes that “finding an outlet for yourself is very beneficial and can lead to a happier and healthier self.”

Tom also enjoys reading in his spare time, with one of his top recommendations being a book that many of us are familiar with – “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.  He also suggests “Endurance” by Alfred Lansing, which tells the story of the almost two-year struggle for survival by the crew of the ship Endurance.

A few fun facts about Tom are that he can play the drums, having been taught by a band named Gaelic Storm, and his favorite place to vacation is the beach.  Tom encourages everyone to strive for work, family and personal balance, especially throughout these challenging times.  His advice to young adults wanting to advance in their career is to build their global knowledge and always strive for both professional and personal growth.

Tom’s friendly and problem-solving spirit is just one of the reasons he is a perfect fit for our culture.  Welcome to the Colony Brands Team, Tom – we are excited to have you!

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