Customer Insights

Customer Insights

The recent announcement of the new Customer Care team led by Brad Newcomer is another step in our journey to be a truly customer-centric organization.  Having the Customer Insights & Research team along with the Customer Experience team brought together under Customer Care will help us enhance internal customer knowledge, heighten customer issues, and help drive key customer strategic areas.

Our dialogue around the customer has changed since I’ve been at Colony Brands. We have come a long way in terms of our discussions and how the customer falls into those discussions. We’ve gone from “The customer buys from us out of necessity”, to now you hear “Our credit is a service that helps them enrich their lives and manage their budget”.  In meetings, we constantly hear, “How will that impact the customer and their experience”. Thanks to all employees and our efforts corporate-wide to become more customer-centric, our culture has shifted in the last 10 years, and it is a path of continuous improvement.

One of the goals for the new division is to bring together all the various listening points we utilize to connect us to the customer. We have various tools in place to measure and understand the customer. We have our Customer Satisfaction study, Lapsed Buyer study, and the new Customer Service study in place through CFI (chart A). Call Miner is a tool that takes 15 million phone interactions with customer service agents and converts them to text so that we can “listen” to all these customer interactions and gain insights with our customers and our fantastic customer service agents. BazaarVoice is used on the websites for product reviews and customer questions. We also recieve feedback through social media, email, customer comments from customer service agents, and many touch points of customer order data and other research projects. Using the voice of the Customer, we will work to improve our processes and techniques to enhance our customer communications to improve their experience.

Currently, all these points where our customers are communicating to us live in different areas in various formats. We are moving toward all these pieces being brought together and stored in one database/platform (yet to be determined). This will help us quantify what customers are telling us from all different touch-points. It will lead us to be able to react and solve potential pain points early in the customer journey and create a more fluid experience for our customers across all channels. Imagine how powerful bringing all of these data points together could be!

We have come a long way in our journey to become more customer centric, and this is just another step towards the next level. With the help of our Customer Centricity newsletter introduced in 2018, we will continue to update what is happening around Colony Brands as we strive to meet our goals and live our core value of “We Passionately Value our Customers”.

– Mike Statz

Customer Insights and Research Director

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