Celebrating our 95 Years! 

Celebrating our 95 Years! 

We’re excited to bring you special memories and moments in time each month throughout this year as we honor The Swiss Colony and Colony Brands, past and present.   Join us for this stroll through history, beginning with a few words from Ryan Kubly, Vice President of Strategic Planning, and Bob Erb, President & CEO.

“As Colony Brands celebrates its 95th anniversary in 2021, it is an incredible honor to lead the company Ray Kubly founded in 1926.  Most evident to me is that the values represented today by our employees are a living example of Ray’s vision for our company to be a place where people can pursue their passion and purpose while also supporting our local communities.  These values are as alive now as they were in 1926, and will continue to serve as the foundation upon which we will build the future of Colony Brands.” – Bob Erb

“Wow – 95 years!  My grandfather, Ray Kubly, would be blown away by what his little cheese company has grown into.  Throughout the years, we’ve seen it all – from barely surviving in the early years to flourishing with a strong financial foundation today.  While we’ve been fortunate to have a fair amount of luck along the way, our true success comes from the dedication and hard work of many, many people that have been a part of the Colony Family over the last 95 years.  Together, we take a long-term view and let our values guide us and always strive do the ‘right thing’, to take care of our customers and to constantly innovate.  This recipe will lead us as we seek to thrive for at least another 95 years.  Ray would be very proud and thankful for everyone that has made our Colony Family into what we are today.” – Ryan Kubly

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