Clinton Fulfillment Celebrates 30 Years!

Clinton Fulfillment Celebrates 30 Years!

Earlier this week Clinton Fulfillment celebrated 30 years at their current facility with a luncheon served to all employees in the warehouse.

Clinton Fulfillment has a long history of being a tremendous leader identifying and testing process improvement systems for all of our facilities.

In the late 80’s a need for more warehouse space was identified. Thankfully, back then, the operations leaders had the foresight to determine that with this additional warehouse space we would need employees from outside the Monroe labor market. Clinton, Iowa was chosen as the site for the new warehouse. There is no question that we needed Clinton for our future and to get us to where we are today.

We’ve certainly had many changes in the work that happens in Clinton, but the one constant is the people.  We can always count on Clinton to be a steady force in the organization and to roll with the changes when needed. In recent years, we’ve seen record numbers of units shipped to customers from this facility and safety has been a huge priority.

2011 – 0 Accidents

2016 – No lost time for 2 years

2018 – 0 Accidents

We are looking forward to what the future holds for Clinton and are extremely grateful for the dedication and leadership throughout the past 30 years.

Joe Hunter

Sr. Vice President of Operations

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