Peak Support Program is a Success

Peak Support Program is a Success

Our unique Associate Donation program had a new twist this year. That twist proved to be an unexpected, and likely unheard of, boost for almost 40 charitable organizations in southwest Wisconsin at the end of a turbulent year, and a shining example of our employee culture which is rooted in supporting communities and empowering others to do the same.

When it became apparent in early fall that we would face unprecedented staffing challenges for the fourth quarter when our workforce needs more than quadruple, we went back to our tried and true core values.

“This roller coaster of a year took a sharp turn on us when we were faced with unprecedented challenges staffing our production and fulfillment areas to meet the fourth quarter peak demands of our business,” said Bob Erb, Colony Brands CEO.

The company decided to turn this year’s staffing challenges into an employee perk by offering office staff in our Monroe location the chance to earn a little extra cash for themselves and also a second opportunity in the same year to give through the Associate Donation program.  Our team responded, and we were able to turn the staffing challenges in Monroe and Sun Prairie Fulfillment into a win-win.

Since 2011, over $1.5 million has been donated through the Associate Donation program to charities in communities where the company has its facilities.  John Baumann, Colony Brands Foundation President and the author of the program 10 years ago, noted that “when the pandemic first hit, never did we imagine that we would be able to turn an issue that was keeping many people awake at night into a nearly $300,000 boost for our local charities who are on the front lines driving community initiatives and helping those in need.”

The result?  Colony Brands team members worked over 4,000 warehouse shifts that would have normally been filled by a seasonal workforce, and 39 charitable organizations shared nearly $300,000 in donations as a result of this effort, a welcome surprise to help them move forward.

“I’d say we’re lucky to have the employees we have, but that only scratches the surface.  We have people who are here because they share our vision, come to work with a purpose, and live our core values, which include supporting each other and our communities.  We’re all fortunate to have each other and work for a company where values are more than a piece of paper, and never has that been more clear than in 2020,” added Erb.  “We are blessed to have employees who have rallied to support not only our staffing needs but their communities, and we’re pleased to be in a position to offer this additional help now as we face the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic and work to position ourselves for a better 2021.”

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