Colony Brands' Supplier Manual - Non-Food Division

Thank you for being a part of the Colony Brands' supplier family. Our supplier relationships have always played a very valuable part in our business. Maintaining strong partnerships with our suppliers allows us to provide our customers with quality products and services.

We have developed our Supplier Compliance Manual to outline our policies, procedures, and supplier expectations for doing business with the Colony Brands, Inc. We hope that you are as excited as we are with the continuation and / or onset of our working relationship. A mutually beneficial relationship with all of our suppliers is one of our highest priorities. The Colony Brands's commitment to our suppliers is as strong as the commitment we have to our customers. Thank you for taking a step forward in what we hope will become or will continue to be a long and prosperous relationship.

Colony Brands Supplier Compliance Manual - Non-Food


This section contains information detailing the Evaluation and Approval Process (Sample Process) and the Colony Brands' Contact List.

*Apparel Development/Fit Process

Non-Food Quality Assurance and Technical Design Contact List

- Fit Sample Submittal Requirements

Minimum Construction Standards (Updated Aug 2016)

- Colony Brands Vendor Sample Evaluation Report

Minimum Textile Testing Standards for Apparel

- Technical Design - How to Measure Guidelines

Visual Guidelines for Measuring Key POM's

- Fit Term Glossary

Basic Pattern Guidelines (Added 07/01/2014)

Label Placement Guide (Added 03/20/2014)

Visual Guidelines for Fit (Added 07/01/2014)

Fabric and Trim Quality Submission Form (Added 05/01/14)

Lab Dip Submission Form (Added 05/01/14)

Colony Brands Sample Card

General Information

This section contains information detailing Colony Brands' General Information and Requirements.

*Important Colony Brands' Documents
*Accounting Invoice Requirements
*Merchandising/Non-Food Inventory Management Requirements
*Quality Assurance Requirements

- Guidelines for Developing Instructions (New - Added 8/24/2009 )

- California Bureau of Electronic Appliance & Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Law Label (New)

*Quality Assurance Violations
*Set-Off and Payment Hold
*Drop Ship Supplier Purchase Orders and Procedures

Packaging, Labeling, and Package Testing Requirements

This section contains information detailing Seventh Avenue’s Packaging, Labeling, and Package Testing Requirements.

*Package, Labeling, and Package Test Quick Reference Guide (New – Added 8/24/2009) 
*Supplier Partnership Responsibilities
*Colony Brands' Terminology
*General Packaging Requirements
*Package Testing

Package Testing Guidelines for Small Packages

Package Testing Guidelines for Large Packages

- Package Testing Cover Sheet

*General Labeling Requirements

Package Label Specifications (New)

- Package Label Review Request Form

*Package Labeling and Package Strategy Guides

- Package Labeling

Package Handling Video - Chinese Version

- Package Handling Video - English Version

- Package Labeling Video - Chinese Version

- Package Labeling Video - English Version

- Packaging Strategies

- Soft Good Packaging

*Packing List Requirements
*Palletizing/Unitizing Requirements

Shipping and Transportation

This section contains information detailing Colony Brands' Shipping and Transportation Requirements.

*International Import Instructions (USA Imports)
*Domestic Transportation Instructions
*Exception / Special Cargo Routing Instructions
*Prepaid Transportation Moves / Supplier Delivered Cargo Instructions


This section contains important Colony Brands' document samples and forms.

*Purchase Orders & Terms and Conditions
*Purchase Order Transmittal Letter
*Standard Purchase Order Requirements (Both Domestic and International Imports)
*Shipment Control Form
*Sample Master Carton Labels
*Sample Packing Lists
*Colony Brands' DC Handling Charges/Chargebacks

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