We are fortunate to have a company that recognizes the importance of a strong safety program.  We have been able to build a culture that embraces employee safety as a core value.  Our safety program is built on a foundation of support from all levels of the organization.  Working safely is an expectation for all employees and visitors at our facilities.

Celebrating Success
Colony Brands, Inc. has been honored with achieving the Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award for excellence in health and safety for four years in the large employer category. The Wisconsin Council of Safety evaluates safety programs based on corporate culture, leadership, participation, employee involvement, training, and accident rates/statistics.

“A solid safety program is a must for Wisconsin businesses to stay competitive.  Colony Brands makes safety a top priority and sets the standards for best industry practices. Its innovative safety program is a model for the rest of the state and nation.” - Bryan Roessler, Director - Wisconsin Council of Safety

We strive for continuous improvement with our safety program.  We have been able to significantly reduce the frequency of accidents throughout our organization.  We evaluate our safety performance each year and set new aggressive goals. 

Core Safety Programs

OSHA Compliance Programs
The company has developed comprehensive safety programs to comply with OSHA requirements.  These programs include a policy, training guides, and a comprehensive audit tool to ensure compliance.  We use these programs as a framework for our training efforts. 

Capital Expenditures
We invest in safety through the development of a comprehensive capital expenditure plan.  The Safety Department works with each department to develop a listing of potential safety improvements each year.  These items are prioritized and implemented based on the allocated safety budget.  Each year we make significant safety improvements to our operations.

Employee Involvement
All employees are encouraged to participate in our safety program through our safety committees or suggestion programs.  The commitment to safety is reinforced during our annual Safety Awareness week held every year in November.  This week is dedicated to building awareness and educating our employees.  This program continues to help us focus on safety during our critical peak employment period.

Employee Training

We educate our workforce and give employees the training they need through our Colony Brands University training program.  This unique program offers supervisors/managers the opportunity to learn about new tools available to help them with their safety program.  We strive to create new and innovative ways to capture the keys to safety success.  Some of our course offerings include:

Hazard Identification – Recognizing and Resolving Safety Hazards
Accident Investigation – Identifying Root Causes of Accidents
Safety Audits – Developing Audit Tools to Help Identify Safety Concerns
Violence in the Workplace – Outlining Basic Risk Factors and Best Practices
Safety Orientations – Identifying Key Components to an Effective Safety Orientation
OSHA Compliance – Refresher Courses for Compliance Standards
Accountability – Information Regarding our Safety Accountability Program

Safety Committees

The company has established numerous safety committees so all management groups are visible to safety challenges, corporate projects, and goals/objectives.  We utilize an executive Safety Planning Committee to assist with the annual planning process and the development of our goals and objectives.  We also have a Safety Action Committee comprised of managers and supervisors representing their department or function.  Each department also has a committee to implement the programs developed at the corporate level. 

Safety Accountability
Goals are established for each department throughout the company.  Individuals are measured based on their ability to meet key objectives.  The accountability program ties their annual bonus to their safety goals and objectives.