We, the employees of Colony Brands, Inc., are at the start and the heart of creating the experiences we desire for our customers.  Employees need to feel valued and part of the greater cause in order to deliver on our brand promises.

Understanding how each of our roles fits into the customers’ “experience” with any one of our brands is the first step in being able to deliver on their expectations.  The responsibility of creating the excitement falls on each one of us, every day, in everything we do.

The experience of receiving a catalog, placing an order, tracking an order, receiving a package or even making a return are all part of the experience…but it doesn’t begin or stop there.

Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that what we do here, on a daily basis, aligns with our common purpose.  By establishing a shared set of Quality Standards, we can trust that we are “making good” on the promises we make to our customers.

Simply put, our continued success depends on each of us creating and delivering a fun and exciting experience for our customers.