Our History

Ray Kubly founded The Swiss Colony in 1926 as a class project. The business grew over the years and was incorporated in 1954. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds, not only in the cheese and food gift sector, but also in general merchandise. Colony Brands, Inc. (formerly The Swiss Colony, Inc.) and multiple catalog subsidiaries provide customers, through catalog and Internet sales, with furniture and home decor, apparel, entertainment products, gifts and collectibles, and much more. Today, the company is one of the largest direct marketers in the United States. It continues to be family-owned and guided by Ray's son, Pat Kubly, who is Chairman of the Board. Ray's grandson, Ryan Kubly, is the Vice President of Strategic Planning.

Over the years, the owners of Colony Brands, Inc. (formerly The Swiss Colony, Inc.) also have established a number of affiliated companies, many of which provide services to Colony Brands, its subsidiaries, other affiliates, and/or outside clients. These include: a marketing company, a credit company, a data center, and two wholesale foods business. Colony Brands also has non-catalog subsidiaries, including an aviation company and a global sourcing company.

For operational savings and efficiencies, Colony Brands and its affiliates use a common Human Resources operation, which also manages the benefits programs for the affiliated companies.

Following Ray's initial vision, his family, Colony Brands and its affiliates continue to be dedicated to their customers, employees, and direct marketing goals.

Affiliated Catalog Brands:


Other Affiliated Brands:

  • Integrated Marketing Solutions, Inc., (Marketing)
  • DM Services, Inc. (Credit)
  • SC Global Sourcing, Inc. (Product Sourcing)
  • SC Data Center, Inc. (Information Technology)
  • SC Aviation, Inc. (Aircraft Charters)
  • Ashro Music & Media, LLC (Recording)
  • Ashro Publishing, LLC (Music Publishing)
  • Betaro Publishing, LLC (Music Publishing)
  • Swiss Colony Retail Brands, LLC (Wholesale Foods) 
  • Green County Foods, Inc. (Wholesale Foods)