Employee Development

Colony Brands University (CBU) program
In today’s workplace, we are faced with constant change.  Our success is dependent on our ability to understand this change and adapt our processes effectively.   Our competitive business, the economy we live in, and the changes with legal requirements create the need for adjustments in our business processes from a technical and a leadership perspective.   These changes are needed to allow us to remain compliant and competitive in the business world.

Our team reviews and updates programs on an annual basis, to ensure employees are receiving the best possible learning expereience.  The paybacks from the training programs continue to grow as our workforce increases its knowledge and understanding of business and professional skills requirements.   Our retention rates, turnover rates, and employee satisfaction surveys continue to show great improvements since the inception of our USC program.

Educational Assistance
It is the policy of the company to encourage self-development and to recognize the need for employees to enhance their job related knowledge and skills through further education.  This program applies to courses taken at any college, business school, technical institute, or trade school that has been accredited by the council on Post-Secondary Accreditation or the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools, or is a candidate for accreditation until it is denied. 

Professional Development
We like to foster an atmosphere of learning throughout each of our departments, but when on-site education is not possible, it may be necessary for employees to attend an external seminar.  These seminars are generally anywhere from one (1) day to one (1) week in length and are normally held during regular working hours.  The department manager or designee makes the arrangements for each seminar, as well as travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, etc.  Corporate offsites are also a great way to enhance our skill levels, while engaging in team-building activities and attaining the best, most current business strategies and knowledge needed to keep our company at the highest functioning level.

Lunch and Learn Classes
These classes are generally offered during lunch breaks and are one-half hour in length.  They are designed to provide employees with information relating to Wellness, Benefits, tidbits on software packages, etc.  The classes are communicated to employees via email, bulletin boards, tabletop displays, or by visiting the company’s Intranet site. It’s a great way to fit in a health or financial fitness refresher during the course of your workweek.

PC Purchase Program
The Company encourages self-development and recognizes the need for employees to enhance and improve their computer knowledge and skills.  This program allows employees to purchase a computer system, interest free, through payroll deductions, over a three (3) year period.